Yuuki Ichikawa

Yuki Ichikawa

Date of Birth1988.02.19
Blood TypeO


4th place, Pro Tour Journey into Nyx
6th place, Pro Tour Magic 2015
Champion, Grand Prix Shanghai
Champion, Grand Prix Taipei
Champion, Grand Prix Kyoto
Champion, Grand Prix Singapore
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How long have you been playing Magic: The Gathering?
I played for a year when I was in elementary school, and it's been five years since I got back into it.
What got you interested?
My big brother asked me to play in elementary school, and so we started together. A decade later, I found out about Magic Online somewhere on the Internet and picked up Magic again.
What cards are near and dear to you?
Serra Avatar.
How about your favorite Magic color?
Green. Gotta love those big creatures.
Of all the decks you've played in tournaments, which did you enjoy most?
Jund Planeswalkers
What format do you enjoy playing most—Standard, Draft, or something else?
What tournament has stuck with you most?
Pro Tour Magic 2015.
What players do you look up to?
No one in particular.
What are your goals for this season?
I'd like to be in the Pro Tour Top 8.
What do you want to accomplish as a pro Magic player?
I want there to be more Magic: The Gathering content in Japan, and I'd like to create an environment where it's easy for people to practice.
What do you normally do besides playing Magic?
Work, meals, sleep, and Magic fill up every hour of my day.
What other players are you friends with?
That's a secret.
What do you always carry with you when you're out and about?
Stuff like e-books and my iPod.