Team Cygamesとは

About Team Cygames

E-sports have come into the spotlight in recent years, and more people are becoming aware of the existence of professional gamers. As our contribution to the pro-gaming community, we at Cygames have formed a group of professional Magic: The Gathering players known as Team Cygames.

Many people are already aware that Magic: the Gathering is a collectible card game that has been loved around the globe for over two decades. Japan has been no exception, with a number of Japanese players achieving excellent results in international tournaments. I myself have been playing the game since I was in junior high school. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

Since the earliest years of Magic: the Gathering, retailers have sponsored cash-prize tournaments and professional players, some of whom have been able to live on their winnings alone.

However, a game as great as Magic: the Gathering deserves an even bigger community. That’s one of the reasons that we decided to create and sponsor Team Cygames.

We believe that as one of the first corporate sponsors from outside the collectible card games industry, we are blazing a trail that other companies will soon follow. This wave of fresh energy is sure to vitalize and grow the pro-gaming community even further.

Yuito Kimura
Executive Director
Cygames, Inc.