Yuuya Watanabe

Date of Birth1988.12.18
Blood TypeO


Rookie of the Year
Player of the Year
6th place, Pro Tour Austin
Champion, Players Championship
2nd place, Pro Tour Return to Ravnica
3rd place, World Championship
8th place, World Magic Cup (Team play)
Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame
2nd place, Pro Tour Amonkhet
Champion, World Magic Cup
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How long have you been playing Magic: The Gathering?
Ever since the release of Invasion in 2000. I've kept playing for the decade and a half since then.
What got you interested?
A friend asked me to play when I was in elementary school.
What cards are near and dear to you?
Ponder and Lightning Angel.
How about your favorite Magic color?
Blue. I love cards that draw cards.
Of all the decks you've played in tournaments, which did you enjoy most?
Blue-White Reveillark (2008 Japan National Championship) and Blue-White Delver (Grand Prix Manila 2012). Both decks had Ponder in them.
What format do you enjoy playing most—Standard, Draft, or something else?
Booster draft.
What tournament has stuck with you most?
There are three: 2007 Pro Tour Valencia, 2008 Japan National Championship, and the 2012 World Championship.
What players do you look up to?
Luis Scott-Vargas.
What are your goals for this season?
Staying platinum!
Winning a Grand Prix!
Making the Pro Tour Top 8!
What do you want to accomplish as a pro Magic player?
Playing all my life and getting into the Hall of Fame.
What do you normally do besides playing Magic?
I watch anime.
What other players are you friends with?
Hajime Nakamura and Tatsushi Tsukamoto.
What do you always carry with you when you're out and about?
My phone, my earbuds, and my love for Azu-nyan.