Shota Yasooka

Date of Birth1984.08.10
Blood TypeA


Champion, Pro Tour Charleston
Champion, Grand Prix Kobe
2nd Place, Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir
4th Place, Pro Tour Shadows Over Innistrad
4th Place, World Championship
Champion, Pro Tour Kaladesh
Champion, World Magic Cup
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How long have you been playing Magic: The Gathering?
About two decades.
What got you interested?
A classmate of mine in middle school said I should give it a shot.
What cards are near and dear to you?
Lightning Bolt, Eternal Witness, and Counterspell.
How about your favorite Magic color?
Of all the decks you've played in tournaments, which did you enjoy most?
Decks like Faeries, Jund, Tezzeret, and 4-Color Doran.
What format do you enjoy playing most—Standard, Draft, or something else?
Standard, Draft, Sealed, Extended, and Momir Basic.
What tournament has stuck with you most?
2006 Pro Tour Charleston, and the 2012 World Championship.
What players do you look up to?
None in particular.
What are your goals for this season?
To go to World Championship with Musashi.
What do you want to accomplish as a pro Magic player?
What do you normally do besides playing Magic?
Play games and read.
What other players are you friends with?
What do you always carry with you when you're out and about?
My Suica card and my credit card.